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we deliver evidence based physiotherapy treatments, bespoke rehabilitation and encourage patient participation to achieve their goals.

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Physiotherapist Canterbury

Physiotherapy helps you restore movement and function when you are affected by injury, illness or disability

Here at The Natural Order we offer a wide range of services aimed at restoring your health, rehabilitating you from an injury and preventing future issues.

Musculoskeletal & orthopaedic physiotherapy

Whether suffering acute discomfort that resolves quickly such as headaches, issues connected to repetition like carpal tunnel, persistent complaints including low back pain or an illness that requires ongoing management like arthritis, help is available. The clinic offers treatment for a large range of spinal and peripheral joint problems.

Patients often arrive, following a specialist recommendation, having had medical imaging (X-ray/MRI) or for rehabilitation after a surgery like a total knee replacement. Our ambition is to optimise physical and mental well-being during injury recovery. Encouraging patients to build an educated approach in achieving balanced musculoskeletal health. We have short waiting times, offer face to face care, hands-on treatment and prescribe exercise.

Manual Therapy

Human beings need physical contact, as we receive this input the brain responds through emotional centres to enable recovery from both physical injury and emotional trauma.

The science behind adjuncts like massage techniques, joint mobilisation & trigger point therapy varies with time but the results are consistent. Patients seek treatment that aids their recovery and this is achieved in part from evidence-based hands-on techniques.

Sports Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist specialising in sports injuries the aim is to bring the tips and tricks learnt in professional sports environments to an everyday person. Current scientific evidence is used to improve diagnosis accuracy and treatment effectiveness. If medical imaging or a medical opinion is needed the referral pathways exist to do so quickly.

The goal is to guide the patient through a comprehensive journey, rehabilitating them back to full function. We have established an environment that creates a bridge between common sense and sports medicine. Areas of interest include tendinopathy, scapula dyskinesis, acute ankle sprain, return to play rehab and hamstring management.

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Both Acupuncture and Dry Needling are utilized as treatment modalities at the clinic. It is not used to resolve medical problems such as infertility or aid lifestyle goals such as smoking cessation. However, it is a treatment option to improve musculoskeletal problems such as headaches or generalised pain.

All techniques are sterile and delivered adhering to stringent health and safety protocols. The treatment approach aims to connect its Eastern ancestry and recent science developed in the Western world.

Competitive Pricing

Physio (Initial Appointment)

£70 for 60 minutes

Physio (on going)

Option A

£70 for 60 minutes

Option B

£58 for 45 minutes

Option C

£46 for 30 minutes

Acupuncture/Dry needling

£46 for 30 minutes

Shock Wave Therapy

£46 for 30 minutes

What our clients think

  • Max is a friendly and knowledgeable physiotherapist who has really helped me with my injury. He has an obvious passion for the function and well-being of the human body.

    Max was recommended to me following a physical assessment by a specialist consultant based in Bank, London after experiencing significant abdominal pain during and post exercise.

    Max developed a bespoke rehabilitation programme specific to my needs and lifestyle which has not just reduced the pain I am experiencing but also considerably improved my overall running form.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anybody, no matter their physical condition or fitness level.

    - Stephen Pattenden

  • During lockdown, I suffered a traumatic shoulder injury and thankfully Max came highly recommended. His professionalism and knowledge put me at ease straight away and helped me to better understand my injury.

    Max was quick to refer me for imaging and I subsequently saw his colleague who specialises in shoulder injuries, from start to finish my journey to recovering was effortlessness and stress free.

    Personally I have no reservations in recommending Max to my friends and family.

    - Sue Webb

  • I have been experiencing lower back pain but have struggled to find a diagnosis despite going to multiple physiotherapists and osteopaths since the pain started. As a coach myself, I found this extremely frustrating and it was starting to impact my day to day life. I have been seeing Max since he starting practicing out of CrossFit Stone Towers.

    He immediately put me through a comprehensive screening process, and identified a few key areas that needed balancing out that could be the root of my pain. Through a combination of hands on therapy and rehab exercises, I already feel so much better, and so much more confident in preventing pain moving forwards.

    As a big bonus he is super friendly and easy to chat to, and communicates technical things in a clear and concise way.

    - Sarah Catford

  • Over the last 7 years I have been playing rugby at national 1 and 2 levels for Canterbury RFC. Across the seasons I have sustained my fair share of injuries, however seeing Max on a regular basis has been invaluable to my fitness and performance

    Over the past 2-3 years Max and I have had regular appointments, whereby his experience and ability in preventative measures and rehabilitation have enabled me to feel fit and prepared for each game. Overall, Max’s holistic approach towards my well-being has helped me to understand how to get the best out of myself including both physically and mentally.

    I am grateful to Max for what he has already taught me, and I will most definitely be using his services and skills going forward into the next season. I cannot thank him enough.

    - Aiden Moss

  • Max is a great coach. His approach is multi-dimensional and he really cares, not only about your physical potential as a human being, but also about the way you feel about training and the emotional side of things.

    Aside from physical therapy, Max really took the time to understand the emotional reasons behind my training and helped me focus my attention into the most rewarding endeavours to complement my lifestyle.

    This is not typical ‘magic sponge’ physiotherapy. You will not be disappointed.

    - David George

  • I suffered a complicated detachment ankle break and subsequent surgery with dense metalwork in July 2020. I started having physio treatment with Max, 3 months after surgery privately, a recommendation from a friend and after unable to secure any NHS physio. I continue to have weekly physio sessions with Max.

    The attention to detail, his expert knowledge, advice and physio treatment service has enabled me to walk again after a relatively short period. I have highly recommended Max to numerous friends all of whom are extremely grateful for his support, physiotherapy and knowledge.

    Not far off a miracle being able to work, go to the gym, walk and continue being active without the treatment from Max within 6 months of injury.

    - Nina Gregory

About us

Here at the Natural Order, we have created a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable environment where assessments and treatments are administered with time and care. It is important to ensure each and every person is treated with the type of kindness and consideration that aids improvement.

We do things properly with good professionals that have worked hard to develop expertise and acquired specialisms in their chosen fields. We want our clients to have a high-quality and enjoyable experience that leaves them feeling able to fully recovery.

Meet the Team

Max Ganderton (Principle Physiotherapist) MSK & Sport Specialist

Bsc.Hons Physio, PGCert Sport Physio, MSc Sport Physio, MCSP, HCPC

Max Ganderton

Max has had exposure to the study of human movement and physical conditioning most of his life. As an athlete he competed at an International standard in a range of combat sports including Judo, Sambo and Olympic Wrestling. Academically, Max completed his undergraduate studies in 2006 at the University of East London, a post graduate certificate (2016) and masters degree (2018) at La Trobe University, Melbourne (Australia).

In his career Max has worked extensively in Australia in elite sport that included Aussie Rule Football (AFL) & Rugby League (NRL), here in the UK within County Club Cricket, Basketball, Hockey and currently in Rugby Union at National League standard as a Rehabilitation Coach. Max is qualified and registered to practise in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This has enabled him to gain an invaluable insight into diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and conditioning. When asked what Max enjoys most about his work, he said “I like to learn about the person and their's what I love about my work, getting involved in the meaningful conversations”.

  1. Orthopaedic post-operative care
  2. Tendon pathology management
  3. Exercise load monitoring & planning
  4. Peripheral & spinal injury assessment and treatment
  5. Return to activity rehabilitation

Jane Watson (Masseur)


Jane is a Holistic Massage Practitioner and a Scar Therapy Practitioner with Neuro Rehabilitation experience. She has a passion and understanding of helping people achieve an improved wellbeing – treating the mind and body as one. Offering tailor made restorative treatments – Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pre/postnatal Massage, Scar Therapy Massage.

Jane has a huge enthusiasm for stimulating the body to self-heal through working with the parasympathetic nervous system, nutrition, functional movement such as resistance training and rebounding therapy, and has a love for dancing to feel good!

  1. Holistic Massage
  2. Hot Stone Massage
  3. Pre & Post Partum Massage
  4. Pregnancy Massage
  5. Spinal & Head Injuries

Luke Fryers (Sports massage & Physiotherapy Apprentice)


Luke is a sports masseur who specialises in deep tissue sports massage. Alongside this, Luke is a second-year physiotherapy apprentice, combining studying at The University of East London with working at The Natural Order. Having relocated from London, Luke brings a wealth of experience from his time working at Pure Sports Medicine in the St Paul's and Canary Wharf branches. Luke is passionate about football, running and golf and enjoys spending his spare time coaching and playing these.

  • To book call (01227) 474890
  • Instagram: @lukefryerphysio
  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Sports Massage
  3. Pre & Post Event Massage
  4. Sports Injuries
  5. Recovery Treatments

Additional Services

Functional Movement Screen

A range of movements are assessed using a structured screening programme. Once this has been completed a plan is devised to correct anything the participants find challenging. Screen results can be re-administered at any point and provide valuable feedback during any ongoing training the athletes complete. Assisting them to meet their functional or performance outcomes.

Clinical Pilates

The APPI created a ground-breaking approach to Pilates that utilised clinicians like physiotherapists to deliver evidence based exercise. This approach is an essential part of any modern physiotherapy private practice and creates a bridge between therapeutic intervention and exercise.

The approach is aimed at rehabilitating those suffering pain but with a view of returning to a normal level of activity, uninhibited by the memory of injury. It is accessible to all levels of participants.


Here at the Natural Order we work with a wide range of agencies/companies/professionals that refer patients into our service and we refer onward for specialist opinion. It is crucial to have strong relationships with local G.P's, specialists (Orthopaedic, Rheumatology, Dermatology), Medical Imaging services.

This enables us to provide comprehensive care for our client base and achieve our ambition of taking them on a journey from start to finish. We believe it is best to be good at the things we specialise in but have access to others who lead in their chosen fields.

Our Partners

Since launching the Natural Order we have attempted to forge strong relationships with local groups. As time has passed this has broadened and evolved to include a wide range of associations. We are proud to have a particular affiliation at present with Cross Fit Stone Towers, Herne Bay Women’ s football club, Canterbury Rugby Club & The King’ s School Canterbury.

What's important is to ensure local people, experience a service that is on par with what they would receive in the major cities throughout the United Kingdom.

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